Slow Thrills guest mix, No.2: Public Service Broadcasting

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This week's guest mix has been assembled by Public Service Broadcasting, a name you will know if you have been reading this blog since I reactivated it in January. If you wish to know a little bit more about them you could revisit this post. As is my plan with all the guest mixes, I invited them to feature some of their own music as well as the music that inspires them. This mix turned out to be a 50 minute journey which starts in the expected places and ends up going around the world.

J. Willgoose, Esq. from the band explains it himself...
"Things started off fairly well with this mix as I managed to play it cool and keep the corduroy under control with a fairly solid mix of electronica with hints of krautrock. Upon dropping in the contractually-obliged ROYGBIV, though, all hell broke loose and I soon found myself breakdancing with Man Parrish before unleashing the mother of all Nik Kershaw instrumentals in a wholly unironic way. What can I say? After that the only way was to carry on, cutting a swathe through dancehall, Turkish and Indian pop, Afghan electro-folk and ending up with what I am trying to turn into London's (un)official anthem, 'London Is The Place For Me'. And as a dessert - the delightful Robin The Fog's 'Corner Seat'. Hopefully you will find something that tickles you."

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For more info on Public Service Broadcasting visit their official site

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