Slow Thrills is a music blog run by Jonathan Greer. The blog was reactivated on 1st January, 2012 after a long period of inactivity. Submissions and ideas are always welcome. From January 2014, is also an internet radio show on Radioaktiv, concentrating mostly on new releases.

Contacting us is EASY!
Initial email queries should go to
Twitter: is my own account and is busier than the specific account for the blog, which can be found at
Facebook: there is now a Facebook page for the blog here, which you can 'like' and send us stuff.
If you are feeling even more inquisitive, have a look for 'slowthrills' on, and Spotify.

If you send me music I will listen to it, and if I like it I will eventually get around to replying, although I do tend to get a bit backed up from time to time! The best way to send me music is by linking to your online content (i.e. soundcloud, youtube, etc), or send .zip or .rar files of it.

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