In brief: Jeff Mangum ATP day one

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Have a listen to my audioboo about ATP day one at this link or try below.
ATP day one (mp3)
I will have a general review of the festival on the 405 next week {EDIT: full review is now online here), but this post will be my brief notes, made public.
Sadly too late to see Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise but I heard some great reports. Costumes, Elf Power songs and a Sun Ra cover at the end.
Robyn Hitchcock played I Often Dream of Trains which was pretty special if, like me, you like that album. Terry Edwards and a few others assisted.
Jeff Mangum was on surprisingly early and was every bit as good as you might expect. A classic set of songs. You're all googling this looking for the set list so here goes...
Two Headed Boy pt 2, Holland 1945, Song Against Sex, Gardenhead, King of Carrot Flowers, Oh Comely, Ghost, Naomi, In the Aeroplane over the Sea, Two Headed Boy pt 1, The Fool.
Joanna Newsom had the tricky task of following him but she was yet another highlight. Emily still is an astonishing song. And it was a solo set where she just alternated between harp and piano.
I saw most of the Raincoats too. Utterly charming and a bit shambolic at the start. In Love and No One's Little Girl are two of my favourite songs and they played them both.
The Fall were on similarly excellent form as they were in London in November, and probably stole the show today.
I saw some of Watt and Hurley but they didn't click with me, but Jon Spencer Blues Explosion finished off in fine style.


  1. Awesome Review!! - Question - Is the jeff Mangum setlist in order? and did he play straight through without an encore? also did he play all 3 parts of King Of carrot flowers???

    Sorry for all the questions!!

    1. Yes that set list was the order for Friday's set. I made a couple of changes after getting some other comments. My brief report from Sunday is here although I was late getting in the second time so the opening tracks are hearsay. And they were straight sets, no encores

  2. You've got the two headed boy's the wrong way around !

  3. And also finished with the fool .

  4. Thanks, you're right, I've changed it now! I've something scribbled in my notes after Two Headed Boy but I couldn't read it and I had forgotten it was The Fool. And of course to makes sense that it came out of Two Headed Boy pt1.
    Collective memory is the way to go I think ;)