Great Lost Bands no.20: Ui (John Peel Archive U)

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Amongst a large selection of music in the Peel Archives U selection which I don't recall ever hearing on the Peel show (U2, UB40, UFO) there are a couple of albums from the overlooked post-rock act Ui (call them ooo-eee if you want to stay cool!) I'm led to believe that Ui are still going, as there is gig footage on youtube from 2010, but the two albums here - Sidelong and Lifelike date from the mid to late 1990s.

Unusually, one of Ui is better known for writing about music than playing it, as Sasha Frere-Jones from the band has been the main pop music writer on the New Yorker for the last eight years.

Ui are a two-bass, mostly instrumental band who were linked with the likes of Tortoise when they first emerged, although I reckon they lean more towards experimental funk than that comparison suggests. Sidelong is the only one of their albums I own, and now you can all hear it through good old Spotify. Tracks to check out in particular are 'The Long Egg' and 'The Piano'.

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