Windy & Carl say goodbye...

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Yesterday I heard that Windy Weber of the space-rock (or ambient shoegaze if you prefer) duo Windy & Carl had written an eloquent and heartfelt statement regarding their future musical output.

I was directed towards her Facebook post which detailed her great frustrations and disappointments with the music business and also her great love for music throughout her life.

There had been speculation about their future even before this year's fine album, optimistically entitled We Will Always Be. I reviewed it very positively here, and I was quite touched by the tale that Carl had written it as a Valentines Day surprise for Windy.

However, it seems that the grind of low-budget touring coupled with their already small sales figures being almost wiped out by torrent sharers, just made it all too hard in the end.

I was going to embed a youtube clip of them to illustrate their music, but most of those are unofficial, so instead I have decided to share this long double album of rarities and singles, which is available via bandcamp. This post will probably get a couple of hundred views, and if even a few of you will take time to investigate their music that would be something.

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