Playing catch-up with the John Peel Archive: M

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I'm sure a lot of you were distracted last week when someone unofficially uploaded 458 John Peel shows to soundcloud, in fact it almost took away from the weekly excitement offered by the excellent official John Peel Archive project.
They have been peeking inside John's record shelves for the last five months and despite a valiant effort, I fell behind after letter L. I'm now playing catch-up but also realising that a quick review of each letter as it is released is merely skimming the surface of the archive. I reckon by the time they reach Z I will have caught up and I'll publish a playlist of some of the things I have found. Meanwhile, these shelves are ripe for returning to...


The chosen artist was Mad Professor, rightly so, and here is the (rather lovely) official interview

other choices range from the obvious..
MC5, Kick Out the Jams Spotify
MC5, High Time Spotify

to the unlikely....
MC Hammer, Let's Get It Started Spotify
MFSB, Philadelphia Freedom spotify
Moms Mabely
(I have no idea what this is but that is the cover on the left!)

and of course there are some real finds...

MX-80 Sound 'Afterbirth/ Aftermath' (from Hard Attack)

Mabrak Drum Talk Spotify
Macalla Mna Na hEireann Spotify
Lonnie Mack The Wham of that Memphis Man Spotify

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