Playing catch-up with the John Peel Archive: N

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A quick blast through three of my absolute favourites from the N's. (full list here)

Naked City Torture Garden
I'm linking to the youtube of this because if you have never heard you need to. As you may expect from the title, the images may fall foul of blogger's censors, so that's why it's not embedded.
This is one of those records that changed and shaped my musical horizons when I first heard it on the Peel show. In particular it provided a gateway into both the music of Boredoms, hardcore noise AND jazz, and directly led to me buying a ticket to see Bill Frizell at the Belfast Festival at Queen's where he made a lot of noise in a room I was used to doing exams in!

Nina Nastasia 'The Blackened Air'
This lady was the 'featured artist' when the N's were released a few weeks ago. This is probably my favourite song of hers, which actually was voted no.4 in the festive 50 in 2002.

Need New Body 'Need New Body'
I had never heard of Need New Body before the Slint ATP in 2005, when I ended up in a pretty good party in their chalet. I wasn't aware of them from Peel although they would have fitted perfectly of course. I got into this song around the time of that festival.

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