Slow Thrills Friday mix: A Jefferson Mangum reversion

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Well, as I said last week, it is a tough act to follow the efforts of Robin The Fog, who provided our debut mix, so I'm going to upload one of my own mixes, which is probably one of my most unusual and challenging.
As I'm looking forward to the forthcoming Jeff Mangum ATP, I have been doing all sorts of revision for it, and perhaps most obscurely of all I have become intrigued by the set of radio shows Jeff did back in 2002 for WFMU. They are a challenging mix of sound collages, drones, world music, field recordings, and quite a lot of John Coltrane!
I thought it might be fun to edit these down, but then I realised that they actually do belong to WFMU as original shows and that wouldn't be fair, so instead I went through the tracklisting to see which tracks I had, or more correctly, see which tracks I could acquire. That's what I have done, I have reversioned some of Jeff's musical choices by means of my own little primer or sideshow to the forthcoming festival. I guess it is a challenging flipside to the spotify list that I will publish next Friday. Please listen and enjoy, although this is yet another deliberately uneasy listen.
Contains audio from John Coltrane, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Blind Willie Johnson, Lee Hornby, Robert Wyatt, Charles Barnett, Clara Rockman, and some low frequency field recordings by S. P. McGreevy.

(the next mix by me will be all 3 minute indie-pop songs, you can hold me to that!)

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