John Peel's Record Box, part two

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It is a total coincidence that this re-exploration of John Peel's Record Box comes at the same time as the exciting announcement that John's record collection is to be made available as a digital archive.
Arts Council England and the BBC will add his tens of thousands of LPs, singles and CDs to a new digital service called The Space. The full news story is here

Meanwhile here are the next five 7" singles....

5.Anemic Boyfriends - Guys Are Not Proud + Bad Girls in Love (RED SWEATER RECORDS) 1980

Female punk/ new wave group from Alaska who made two singles then vanished. This is their debut single, and there's a pic of the sleeve on this collector's site.
This has a Slits-style punk/ reggae feel to it and the best refrain yet - "Guys are such creeps/ They'll even do it with sheep". Only five records in and I'm already discovering hidden gems like this. The Bside is more punky like Johnny Thunders or something which changes the bad guys for the bad girls - "I got a tight little body/ and I wanna get naughty". This was the hardest one to find so far (I've just got mp3s), but well worth hearing!

6. Ann Peebles - I can't stand the rain + i've been there before (LONDON) 1972

After Alan Price, this is only the second A-side in the list so far that I can sing along with. I'm pretty ignorant about 70s soul and RnB but most of that material in this list stands up incredibly well, especially when compared to some of the ropey punk bands around (see next!). I never realised how evocative that little pizzicato guitar at the start of 'I Can't Stand the Rain' was, the arrangement is just about the perfect accompaniment to her voice. The Bside is even more melancholy and has some nice gospel touches. Solid gold and one of the best so far.

7. Anti-Social - Traffic lights + teacher, teacher (DYNAMITE RECORDS) 1977

As far as I know this 7" contains their entire recorded output and we can be thankful for that. This is dull dull punk rock from the self-styled "most violent band in the world" as this biography tells us. Skip this one.

8. Arthur K Adams - Wildwood flower + It's a wild, wild, wild, wild wildwood flower (JETSTAR)

Arthur K Adams- Wildwood Flower
Initially this was one that I couldn't track down, but since I first explored the record box in 2006, I have come across an mp3 of 'Wildwood Flower'. It's a lively rockabilly tune, perhaps traditional?
An initial google search for info on Arthur Adams back then was similarly fruitless, but now we have wikipedia! He's not as obscure as I initially though, he is mates with BB King too.

9. Big Stick - Drag racing + Hell on earth (RECESS RECORDS) 1985

I love this. I can remember Peel playing this quite a bit over the years. 90s listeners may remember the Festive 50 fave 'Broadcast booth' which was credited to Drag Racing Underground; well, that was Big Stick as well. Official biography is here. This is basically cut-up samples and distorted drum machine, think Colourbox meets Big Black and you're in the right area. The right era too. While you might believe the Aside is slightly sinister, the Bside takes the same backing track and gets even darker. Short, thrilling and plenty creepy.

Part one of this series is here

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