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I have formulated a plan for my production drive and I will need your help. I reckon I am going to post something every day in January and see how that goes - if it goes well I will also consider a redesign very soon. To make this happen I am working around a weekly template which will consist of regular content for 4 days a week, leaving 3 days free for new posts, although one day a month will be reserved for my archives project I posted about on January 1st.
The regular content will consist of...

A New Band of the week, and by that I mean 'new' to me; it's not an attempt to trump other blogs by being the 'first' to hear something. I'm too old for that nonsense to be honest.
A dedicated Spotify playlist day. For the first one I will build a 30-40 minute playlist, which I intend to do every month. The in-between weeks I will throw open to you guys, the only criteria is that it should be music you want others to hear, and it should be under 40 minutes in duration.
A Gig Guide - a round-up of forthcoming gigs over the next week,
and an Extinct Band of the week. This will feature a band that time (and maybe the internet) has forgotten. I've been at this a long time and I may as well share some of my rare goodies with you youngsters.

So, if you have anything you wish to contribute or suggest anything please email me at slowthrillsj-blog@yahoo.co.uk.

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