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My iMac is poorly
Scenes of great anguish this week when my iMac reacted very badly to an attempt to install OS X on it. The firmware was not up to date and therefore couldn't deal with the installation, this left me with a computer that only makes a start-up chime and then doesn't do anything. A fresh p-ram battery couldn't save it, but a replacement hard drive bought on eBay may come to the rescue. It was quite sad to see it still looking so good but being little use to anyone.
It's successor is already in place, an eMac which I bought on impulse (and on my credit card!) a couple of days ago. So far, so good. Bigger hard drive, bigger screen, faster processor, and the only con is that the speakers aren't as good as the iMac's. That said, they're probably better than 90% of built-in pc speakers and they haven't discouraged me from loading nearly 5 days worth of mp3s on to it this morning!

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