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Epic festival, epic review
Yes, I have finally finished the review of FIB (Benicassim). Nearly 3000 words and it just really mentions the highlights. I was going to do it briefly, or in point form, but I just couldn't stop myself! Besides, this site has been lacking in review material lately and I have overcompensated. If you can't face reading the entire thing here's my top 12 musical highlights in performance order (I think).
Tindersticks 'My Sister'
Air 'Sexy Boy'
Einsturzende Neubaten (any)
Kraftwerk 'Radioactivity'
Teenage Fanclub 'God Knows it's True'
Lou Reed 'Venus in Furs'
Belle and Sebastian 'Judy and the Dream of Horses'
Wire 'Comet'
Brian Wilson 'Heroes and Villains'
Franz Ferdinand 'Take Me Out'
Spiritualized 'I Think I'm in Love'
LCD Soundsystem 'Losing My Edge'
In other words, if these get released on the official DVD, you should buy it!

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