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Gigs... and developments
Amidst all the upheaval invloved with changing computers, I have been able to get to a couple of shows lately. One was the Guided By Voices album launch night, which basically turned into an album playback with some solo performances of GBV material by local musicians - mainly Barry from Torgas Valley Reds, and most of Olymic Lifts. These only served to remind us what great songs GBV have released over the years, they shine especially when compared to the fairly standard fair of the new album. I've only heard it twice now, and it is pretty good, though I don't think it'll win them many new fans.
I also caught Lambchop at the Empire in Belfast on Sunday. It's a long time since I've seen them - in fact I think it was the Royal Festival Hall on the Nixon tour - and I was pleased to see they've ditched some of the glossiness of that tour to adapt a more rock n roll approach. Some very old material ("Cowboy on the Moon", 'Betweenmus") and a few crowd pleasers made for a good show.
PJ Harvey tomorrow night as well, can't wait!
As for developments, all I say that with this months update we will be moving more down the road of sounds and pictures, rather than text heavy articles. Fingers crossed.

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