John Peel Archive: a brief look at P

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As I'm playing catch-up before the series finishes, I've had a very quick browse through the first 100 Ps
, which revealed some gems as usual. Three absolute favourites below...

Palace Music 'New Partner'
Of course, most of you know that Palace Music was the second alias of Mr Will Oldham, after Palace Brothers and before Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and Peel's shelves have a lot of their releases. This is one of my favourite songs by them

Pale Saints 'the way world is'
I was never a huge fan of Pale Saints, but I enjoyed revisiting this album. As I am very old, I actually saw them supporting the Pixies "back in the day".

Pan Sonic 'hapatus'
These minimal techno protaganists released this debut album as Panasonic, and because I was doing the fanzine back then, I actually have a promo copy of this cd credited to their original name. It was an incredible thing to hear, like nothing that came before it, and of course very influential.

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