Great Lost Bands no.18 : Quasi (aka John Peel Archive Q)

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Due to the lack of bands and artists beginning with Q, I think I'm right in saying that this is the first complete selection of any letter, as opposed to just the first 100. I have four of these records, but none on vinyl.

Three of those are by the often excellent Quickspace, who were featured on this blog a few months ago.

The only other one I have is Featuring "Birds" by Quasi.
A long time in Portland Oregon, Elliott Smith and Sam Coombes were in a band called Heatmiser. Of course, Elliott went on to have a successful solo career whilst in 1993 Sam formed an indie-rock duo called Quasi with his then wife Janet Weiss (then also of Sleater-Kinney).
They actually divorced in 1995, but continued the band. The release included in the Peel collection is their fine 1998 album Featuring "Birds". It is well worth a listen, and is definitely of interest for anyone into the music coming out of Portland back then. Apart from the Sleater-Kinney connection, the album was produced by Elliott Smith and his influence is clear in some of the melody lines in particular. I once saw them open a four band bill in London that was Quasi, Hefner, Elliott Smith, Sebadoh. I know, I'm a lucky bugger.

The Happy Prole

I Never Want to See You Again

It's Hard to Turn Me On

Our Happiness is Guaranteed

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