LISTEN: King Creosote 'Ankle Shackles'

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Right then, where have I been? Well, if you have been paying attention to the tabs at the top, you will see that I've been writing about people like Meursault, Laetitia Sadier, and interviewing Piano Magic, all for the 405. I've also been having laptop hassles so updates to this blog haven't been as regular as I'd like.
Actually, writing this post makes me nostalgic for the fanzine era, as I used to have to start every issue like this! ah, those were the days.
So what's coming up over the next few weeks? Well, expect a couple of new interviews and possibly three new mixes before the end of the summer.
Meanwhile, here is a new song by the ever prolific King Creosote. It's called 'Ankle Shackles' and it is from his next EP which is due at the end of August, called To Deal With Things. It's also eleven minutes long. Eleven minutes! King Creosote! Who would have thought it? Enjoy.

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