John Peel Archive: L - from Labradford to La Düsseldorf

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The first 100 choices from 'L' in the John Peel Archive feature some great blasts from the past, including some I had forgotten. I will brush past the releases from LL Cool J, Laibach and Lambchop because, although there is a lot to say about them, their music is relatively well known. Instead here are four overlooked gems.

Labradford 'Everlast'
This is a timely inclusion as Labradford were going to be in our Great Lost Bands series, and I will now be bringing them forward in that series. An archive interview will be online in a few days. Pioneers of minimal, ambient noise they are very influential

Land of the Loops 'Growing Concern'
These were a bunch which I had forgotten. Slacker indie with beats, and often a whole lot of fun to listen to.

Laika 'Black Cat Bone'
The band who grew out of London act Moonshake, the inclusion here is arguably their best album.

La Düsseldorf 'Menschen 1'
Krautrock legends, providing the middle ground between synth dominated bands and motorik-style rock, I actually don't know this album very well, so it has been good to investigate it.

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