LISTEN/ WATCH: Death Grips special

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When the dust settles on 2012 and people are compiling their end of year lists, two albums due to feature strongly are Kill For Love by Chromatics and the forthcoming, hotly anticipated The Money Store by Death Grips. In a twist to the whole release-date hype, both releases have been streaming freely on each band's soundcloud page - Chromatics is everywhere including this page and I've embedded Death Grips below. Amazingly both bands will also be releasing ANOTHER album before the end of the year as well.
The Money Store is physically available from April 24th, and Death Grips will play the Mogwai curated day at ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror. The festival runs from May 25th-27th.

Watch the video for Death Grips' "I've Seen Footage" below, which is an intense rush of single-frame shots. On a serious note, you probably shouldn't watch this if you have problem with strobe lights/ camera flashes. (token health and safety message there!)

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  1. I favorited your tweet about this because of Sebadoh -- was rechecking my faves when I noticed your mention of this band. They are really intense and interesting.