Great Lost Bands no.11: Fanuelle, includes album stream

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In anticipation of a string of posts on 'new music' I thought I would try and work some into the Great Lost Bands series, and I've been wanting to write about this for a few weeks now, so here goes. Fanuelle's self titled debut album is fast becoming one of the most acclaimed releases of the year, although it actually came out as a limited release in 2005. Now, after a few years of being properly lost, it has been reissued by Swedish label Emotion.
As far as I know, Fanuelle is basically Matthew Fanuelle, who released this lo-fi synth album full of great songs then issued a follow-up under the name Nunzio Fattini, confusing everyone.
Anyway, 'Fanuelle' is a lost masterpiece, one of the best lo-fi pop albums of the last decade and now it's everywhere - on soundcloud (below) and spotify for a start. If you're a fan of Magnetic Fields, Brian Wilson, Daniel Johnson, and Laurence from Felt/ Go Kart Mozart and you haven't heard this, you are missing out. Investigate below...

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