DOWNLOAD: Sun Kil Moon 'UK Blues'

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In years to come my children will ask me, "what did you do during the summer riots of 2011?" And I will reply "I saw the great American songwriter Mark Kozelek play two grumpy gigs at either end of the country." Happily he has chosen to immortalise this particular jaunt in a song called 'UK Blues' from the forthcoming Sun Kil Moon album. The title is slightly misleading in that it is actually a story song documenting his European tour, featuring such tongue-in-cheek lines as "Denmark, Denmark, everyone rides bikes and everyone is white", and "London, London, it's all the rage if your favourite colour's beige." The song documents his barely audible Field Day set and his visit to Belfast, which were the two gigs I saw.

'UK Blues' appears on the upcoming Sun Kil Moon album, Among The Leaves, out May 29th on Caldo Verde. Download it at the link below (via Stereogum)

DOWNLOAD Sun Kil Moon 'UK Blues'

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