An extensive and final Jeff Mangum ATP round-up

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Well, I've written my 'proper' review of ATP for the 405, which you can read here
However, this was actually a festival where I met more people off twitter and the internet than ever, so it seems fitting to put together a page of links and embeds. It is what we call in work (pardon the jargon) 'user generated content', so here goes...

There is little point adding more to my 2000 word review, especially if you wade through all this and the embedded podcast below. I had originally intended to cover the festival with three 'audioboos' and leave it at that, but this proved a bit tricky. I did one on Saturday morning looking back at Friday, and here it is.

As regular ATP-ers will know, the festival usually encourages people to film and photograph the bands, and this leads to a ton of great youtube clips and flickr sets. It was slightly different this year as Jeff Mangum had requested no photography of his sets, as the sign shows (left).
Lots of the other bands were captured, and this clip from Friday shows Mark E Smith at his most meddlesome and entertaining during the Fall's 'Cowboy George'. I can sympathise with the sound person trying to guess which mic he would use next!

Boredoms on Saturday and Sunday afternoon were the highlight for a lot of people, including myself. 14 guitarists, 5 drummers (including Yoshimi and Yojiro) and a brand new 45 minute piece. There are many clips of the set on youtube, but this one shows the drum interplay very well.

Sunday lunchtime was spent recording this podcast with a few other like minds for Plentyside, which turned out well. The clacking of the air hockey tables is already making me nostalgic!

Sunday's highlights once again were Boredoms, but Sebadoh were the last of the main acts that I watched, so I'll share a bit of them to finish.

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some flickr sets...
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by jaswooduk
by the_junes

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