Listen: 11 of the best album releases of the month

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Django Django 'Django Django'
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The long awaited debut from this arty four piece doesn't disappoint. Packed with tunes, some of which will be familiar to anyone who has seen them in the last few years, and rich in ideas, this is really only the start for these guys.

Francois and the Atlas Mountains 'E Volo Love'
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My review of this can be found on the 405. I concluded "Ultimately E Volo Love is a collection of pretty and occasionally melancholic tunes weaved over a backing of skilful percussion and shimmering guitars. It is remarkable as it is the sound of an indie-pop band immersing themselves in European and African music and getting it totally right. "

Guided By Voices 'Let's Go Eat The Factory'
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A fine comeback album from the 'classic' mid-90s line-up. I reviewed it here and I said "Although the prolific output of Robert Pollard and his many varied offshoot bands has kept a lot of Guided By Voices fans satisfied in the last few years, there is something pretty great about having the real band back together. I did approach this album with trepidation, but it is rewarding me with each new listen. I'm unsure if it will win many new fans, but those of us who love those mid-90s albums should find plenty to enjoy here."

RM Hubbert 'Thirteen Lost and Found'
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A collaborative effort from this Glasgow based guitarist. The list of guests reads like an A-list of Scottish indie cred, with Alex Kapranos, Emma Pollock, Alastair Roberts and Aidan Moffat all lending a hand. Moffat steals the show a bit on 'Car Song' but all of the tracks gel together as a whole.
Leonard Cohen 'Old Ideas'
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I wonder did Mr Cohen ever think he would be releasing new material at the age of 73? This is a new recording collected from some 'old ideas' that have been kicking around as long ago as 1970. His voice has actually got deeper with age, and this is his most immediately impressive album for a few years.

Islet 'Illuminated People'
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Debut full length from this Welsh band. There's a lot going on here, from abrasive indie-pop to challenging prog-style time changes, and occasionally folky vocal lines, it certainly rewards repeated listening.

Errors 'Have Some Faith in Magic'
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Probably the album I've listened to most this month, this latest release from the Glasgow band sees them adopt a more melodic approach to their music, with emphasis on anything based tunes not unlike New Order. Initial reservations that this may have softened their edges have gone, and this is well worth your attention.

Imbogodom 'And They Turned Not Where They Went'
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The most experimental release on this list. I reviewed it here. I said "This is a sinister, challenging listen, but one that stretches the boundaries of post-rock or psych-folk. However you wish to label it, these guys have taken that kind of music somewhere else and are moulding it into strange new shapes."

Darren Hayman 'January Songs'
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I listened to this double album a lot this month. I wrote some words about it here, and said "January Songs is uneven but fascinating. Anyone who enjoys the work of Hefner or the solo Hayman should investigate."

Chairlift 'Something'
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I'm not as gushing in my praise for Chairlift as some other blogs, but there are some great pop songs on this second album. Slightly wary of the glossy 80s influence, but this album will be one that we will be talking about all year.

First Aid Kit 'The Lion's Roar'
This second album from the Swedish sisters is a much more countrified effort than their delicate folky debut. Their harmonies work so well together and are a joy to behold. The album has a gloriously retro production feel, it's warm and full of reverb on the voices. I keep thinking about Lee Hazlewood's 'Cowboy in Sweden' when I hear this. Country songs set in Stockholm, no less.

The observant ones amongst you will now notice that there are 11 albums in the list, as First Aid Kit is back on Spotify. The only album I haven't got around to hearing is Gonjasufi's new one, and I will give it a review when I've finally got my hands on it. Looking forward to February and the likes of Sharon Van Etten, the Twilight Sad, and of Montreal to hear yet....

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