gig preview: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy aka Wolfroy aka Will Oldham

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Well, it looks like I'll be going to see Bonnie Prince Billy tonight at the Hackney Empire. His current album 'Wolfroy Comes to Town' is great and hopefully his gig will be along the lines of this recent French TV performance.

Bonnie Prince Billy en session privée au Trianon by telerama
This whole Wolfroy thing intrigues me though. A recent web-chat curated by the Guardian saw Bonnie Prince Billy aka Will Oldham answer his questions as 'Wolfroy', and the token weird music news item of the week is that Drag City are now selling Bonny Billy Blend coffee which comes with the "Wolfroy seal of approval" and is certified 100% organic. It comes in a half-pound bag of whole beans for $20 direct from the record company so I guess that means there won't by any on sale at the merch table tonight!
I met Will Oldham once, on his first UK tour in 1993 when his band featured David Pajo and were called the Palace Brothers. His trousers fell down mid-set and I had the memorable pleasure of interviewing him afterwards. The transcript of the interview is here, but I may as well tell you now that you will be able to hear some of that interview as part of my future plans to publish my archives. I will be banging on more about that nearer the time, though I should say the ball starts rolling on that once January's mission is over.
Meanwhile, I have a gig to look forward to....


  1. Looking forward to the review - but not quite as much as I'm looking forward to seeing him in Feb.

  2. the review will be on the 405, with pics, very soon