GIG REPORT: Animal Collective, Astoria 2, 3rd Nov 2007

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GIG REPORT: Animal Collective, Astoria 2
I've been away from London so long that I actually forgot how much I hate the Astoria 2. Unless you stand on the central bit which is slightly raised you can't see anything at all, and the sound is never quite right. It takes a while for Animal Collective to hit their stride too, with an opening 30 minute section that incorporates some new tunes and doesn't quite click with the crowd. Is one of them missing as well? Like I said, it's hard to see! It isn't really until 'Peacebone' that it gets good, and some of the better tunes on 'Strawberry Jam' are pretty great. 'Fireworks' is an absolute highlight. There is precious little from the earlier albums, although 'Leaf House' is a gentle final encore to send us out into the night feeling satisfied. Even if most people couldn't see them properly, at least they brough a decent light show with them!

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