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The future will be different (but kinda the same in a way)
For those of you who don't know, this blog is a continuation of the blog I started in London in 2001, which still exists at this link. Should you feel the desire to browse this please be aware the discussion board/ gig previews links do not work.
I was amazed how much material I had posted in 2001-02 and I found myself wondering if I have the commitment necessary to get back to that level again. I'm not sure. They were fun times though.
Anyway, London part two will be happening from Wednesday, so I will try and post regular updates.
One other slight change is that I now have a Facebook page which I am keeping for people I know in real life. The myspace is now used mostly for band pages, and I still think it's a great way to hear new music.

Before I forget, a quick word about last night in Catalyst Arts. Tracer AMC played for a long, long time but they were on top form I thought, one of their most enjoyable shows. It could have gone wrong as the venue is a square reflective room and there is no stage, but it actually worked well. Mr Holmes didn't appear for DJ duties but Mr Watson was an able substitute. Von Sudenfed, ESG and Eddie Cochrane!

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