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I haven't forgotten about John Peel's Record Box, I've just put it on hold for a little while. Hopefully i will picking up where I left off very soon. [which is from here in case you can't find it in the menu!]
One thing this page lacks is a good links section, so I'm going to plug a few Peel driven blogs and sites right now. I am inspired to put up some of my own archives from the great man's shows over the years, I know I have many rare sessions tucked away in boxes on old cassettes.

Some Peel pages of note...
The Perfumed Garden Different archive session every week!
In Session Tonight This one makes good design use of the Peel graffiti in Belfast by the way.
Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Speed Some lengthy extracts from programmes from the 60s to 2003.
Kat's Karavan
Some archive goodies here too.
The Yank Sizzler Inspired by Peel rather than a tribute to him as such, but some great music.

[I will do a links list soon, I promise]

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