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GIG REPORT: Radial Nerve/ The Barry Peak and Niall Harden Rock Show/ Ruby Colley, Belfast Limelight, 25th March 2007
Actually this isn't really a gig report as I find it hard to write reviews of people I know and also, I think the review over at BBC's ATL site sums it up well. I'm pretty much in agreement with a lot of that and there are some nice pictures over there too.
I would add that Jonny Ashe from Tracer AMC added a new dimension to some of Barry's material and, although it was great to hear 'Shady' again, it was 'Torgas Valley Blue' that stole the show for me.
Radial Nerve (aka Kidd Dynamo) also reminded us how great 'I Am A Landslide' was (is), and his final song 'Consequences' made great use of delays and loops. It'd be interesting to see if he can carry a whole set like that sometime.

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