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ATP vs the Fans
Amazingly, Slint were added to the bill yesterday, an announcement I'm kinda thrilled about because it's another big name to add to the rest, but I'm also kinda miffed because it makes the Slint-curated ATP in 2005 seem a bit less special (my review here). It was originally mooted as a one-off but I ended up seeing them twice that week (Camber Sands and Dublin) and now here they come again! Once difference is that last time they were the only truly outstanding act amongst a half-full line-up, this time there are a lot of great bands.
There will of course be inevitable clashes, the running order below has been leaked to a few places this week, I should stress that it is unofficial.....

Friday 18th May
Echo and the Bunnymen
Grizzly Bear
Death Vessel
Micah P.Hinson
Yo La Tengo
Alexander Tucker
Youth Movies

Sat 19th May
Patti Smith
Les Savy Fav
Go Team

Sun 20th May
Built to Spill
Explosions In The Sky
Modest Mouse
Band of Horses
Brightblack Morning Light

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