Gig report: The Black Eyed Snakes, Belfast 30th March 2004

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Rise Up! - The Black Eyed Snakes last night in Belfast
Put simply, they exceeded all expectations of just being the "bloke out of Low's side project" by rocking the house. Basically they inhabit a place where Low, the Fall, Howlin' Wolf and ZZ Top all get along like a house on fire. It started with a lengthy gospel tune that hinted that we were in store for Low part two, but they immediately 'rocked-out' with the best set of riffing I've seen since the Fall. Bizarre cover versions aside (Moby, a blistering 'Smoke Stack Lighting' and a dreadful 'Tainted Love'! to name but three), this was an example in how to salvage the blues from the tedium it has suffered for so long.
I realise I'm a day early with my mp3 dissemination project, but a tasty Black Eyed Snakes link is posted below ... enjoy!
Web page with embedded video for 'Rise Up!' [also includes a streaming mp3 of 'My New House']

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