London revisited

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It's funny to go back after 18 months and do things you used to do everyday. The Piccadilly line, the Central line, reading a well-thumbed copy of Metro on the tube, going to the bar in my old workplace, even calling at my old office. Record shopping in Berwick Street, Rough Trade Saturday in Notting Hill (we had to queue this time though!), a compulsory visit to the Tate Modern, taking pictures of the (happily expanding) family of geese that live behind my old flat in Wood Green and used to wake us with their honking most mornings. I felt the same kind of nostalgia for London as I did for Belfast when I was away. After a non-stop few days of pubs and gigs (and the odd museum thrown in for luck) I was glad to be back home again, for a rest if nothing else.
Musically, I spent far too much on new records and went to three gigs, one forgettable, the others were the rising stars Art Brut and a long-time fave of mine Arthur Lee and Love. Getting to the Love show meant that it only really leaves Kraftwerk, the Boredoms and Piano Magic as the acts I've always wanted to see live but couldn't (and they're all playing live soon!).
Anyway here's a pic from Olafur Eliasson's 'Weather Project' which finishes soon at the Tate Modern, I have a larger version if anyone is interested. [very happy with my camera, even though the Love pics I'll add soon are far away and a bit blurred]

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