Slow Thrills albums of 2015: comeback specials

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Comeback specials (and some who never went away) (s)=stream via Spotify (r)= my review

Sleater-Kinney 'No Cities to Love' (s) | Yo La Tengo 'Stuff Like that There' (s) | Swervedriver 'I Wasn't Born to Lose You' (s) | Loop 'Array 1' (s) | Mountain Goats 'Beat the Champ' (s) | The Fall 'Sub-Lingual Tablet | Wilco 'Star Wars' (s) | Deerhunter 'Fading Frontier' (s) | Beach House 'Depression Cherry' (s)/ 'Thank Your lucky Stars' (s)

Some band re-boots work better than others but Sleater-Kinney's comeback album was pretty triumphant. I still find Loop's return an unlikely one, but 'Array 1' did not disappoint, their old analogue fuzz seemed to have a clearer, almost digital sheen. Out of all the bands making a comeback the most pleasant surprise was Swervedriver, whose 2015 album must rank amongst their best work.
Yo La Tengo joined back up with Doug Schramm and revisited their Fakebook format a quarter century on, whilst the Fall continued to show why they are the best garage-rock band around on Sub Lingual Tablet. Wilco surprised us with an album called 'Star Wars' out of nowhere, the Mountain Goats embraced the world of wrestling for a loose concept album, and Deerhunter returned with a much slicker, tuneful record than Monomania a few years back. Beach House also went for a surprise tactic by releasing a second full length ('TYLS') - which was a slightly darker follow-up to the excellent 'Depression Cherry' - just six weeks later.

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