new music round-up #1

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It has been a feature of this site over the past two years that the monthly album reviews have dominated proceedings. Unfortunately this does not reflect the large amount of new music we get sent, so, in order to keep on top of this we have decided to put together a regular post that picks some of the best new/ self-released/ unsigned material that we stumble across - either from our busy inbox or elsewhere. Here is the first instalment...

The Tamborines (link)
A Brazilian duo based in London about to release their second album 'Sea Of Murmur' on their own Beat-Mo records, and it promises to be a little quieter and more melodic than the swirling fuzz of their debut. 'Indian Hill' is the first track to emerge from it, and it's pretty good teaser for what is to come.

Föllakzoid (link)
This is the band who got labelled 'krautrock from Chile' when their second album brought them to a wider audience a couple of years ago. This taster from the forthcoming follow-up is an exciting progression from that sound and shows their love of minimal electronica.

Sharks' Teeth (link)
The prolific Sharks’ Teeth began in 2009 as an outlet for the solo recordings of Tyler Scurlock, songwriter and guitarist of New Orleans indie band, Sun Hotel. 'Jade Oscilloscope Screen' is a track from the forthcoming cassette release ‘Wissenschaftslehre IV or Opinion Crisis’ which is the latest in the series of ambient recordings.

Young Guv (link)
Young Guv is Ben Cook, who is best known as one of the guitarists in Fucked Up, but this taster for his forthcoming solo debut is way more POP than you could possibly imagine. Think Prince, the Cars, Cheap Trick.

Rosenthal (link)
This lot had a couple of decent releases last year, and the forthcoming single 'Heart' should turn even more heads. From Copenhagen, this is dreamy indie-pop somewhere between New Order and The xx.

K-X-P (link)
Who remembers Op:L Bastards? Well two of that acclaimed Finnish band have continued to work together under the name K-X-P, and Space Precious Time is the first track to emerge from their forthcoming album 'III Part One'. An odd yet infectious tune that manages to combine industrial beats with space-rock drones.

Craig Scott's Lobotomy (link)
It is a constant moan of mine that there isn't enough genuinely unusual music being made, and also that there are precious few outlets for it to be heard as well. Well this release is certainly unusual - an album with little regard for genre or conventional song structures and tempos. People may file this under jazz or avant-garde, but really it is in a league of its own.

Grubby Mitts (link)
This band features the acclaimed UK visual artist Andy Holden and this is a taste of their forthcoming album which has taken so long to complete (eight years I think), they have taken to describing it as "Part anthology, part debut album". Lots of depth and experimentation here.

This Heel (link)
This Heel is a new collection of songs from the Malmö band Dog, Paper, Submarine's frontman Martin Månsson Sjöstrand. Although a lo-fi solo project (Martin played everything on the record), fans of Dog, Paper, Submarine should enjoy this EP, as it contains four short sharp tracks of melodic and fuzzy indie-rock.

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