2014 CATCH UP no.3 :Sea Pinks

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Any band which begins their biog with "A band from Belfast inspired by sea glass, bleached grass and ghost guitars" deserves your attention.
That is how Sea Pinks describe themselves. The band have been around for a few years now and I first became aware of them when they played a few shows with fellow Belfast band Girls Names a few years ago. Back then Sea Pinks singer/guitarist Neil Brogan was the drummer in Girls Names, and I think it's fair to say that the two bands complimented each other well, both coming from the same place in terms of geography as well as musical influence.
Sea Pinks most recent album Dreaming Tracks is their fourth but it's their first to be recorded in the studio with the full band line up of Davey Agnew (drums) and Steven Henry (bass) along with founder singer/guitarist Neil Brogan and cellist Jonny Agnew. It has been released on their own CF Records, a label which grew out of the Cass/Flick imprint, which began in 2006 with a series of cassette only releases and went on to issue material from the likes of Cloud Nothings and Thread Pulls.

Some compare Sea Pinks to the Smiths but it is not as straightforward as that. There are post-punk influences (Orange Juice and the Go-Betweens might be a more accurate comparison than Moz and co) but there is also a healthy dollop of sixties style garage-rock and summery-pop, and the resulting mix would sound perfectly at home on a K Records release from the 90s. Given that their sound is essentially fairly clean guitar bass and drums with regular melodies, there is plenty of variety on offer.

Anyway, enough of my prattling, check them out yourself below. Releases are available on vinyl or bandcamp downloads.

Holy Sons

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