new tracks // second edition 2014

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Every Wednesday on Radioaktiv I put together a show based around new music releases. A few of these are only available via soundcloud, ahead of any physical release, so I hope to regularly bundle them together in a blog post every few weeks. If you wish to submit any music for review or for a play on the show, read this. Old shows can be found over here.

'Sunday Owls' by Fenster
From the new album by the this Berlin-based quartet, this is an atmospheric and moody piece of work.

'Boy Sweet Boy' by Las Kellies
An Argentinian band who have been compared to everyone from the Raincoats to Bananarama, which basically means that this is post-punk with hints of dub reggae and strong tunes. From last year's album Total Exposure.

'Radiant Hex' by Ninetails
It's hard to believe that there are only three people in this Liverpool band, their sound is so rich and ambitious, incorporating a huge range of instruments, with some arresting field recordings and samples in the mix as well.

'Slow Breath' Farewell J.R.
A beautiful piece of music from this Cambridge-based musician, which sounds more like it was fashioned from the landscape and music of Iceland.

'Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut at the End of the Summer)' by Tobacco
I guess they are perhaps too well established for the new music page, but this is a helluva tune. Album dueon May on Ghostly.

'Marshall' by Wonder Villains
Another great pop song, this time from this relatively new band from Derry, there is an album due in June.

'Touch the Leather' by Fat White Family
Ok, they've been lauded as the best new band around, quite a live experience, etc, this lot have had some serious acclaim so far. 'Touch the Leather' has an edginess and danger sadly absent from most new music these days.

'Devitalise' by Chain and the Gang
The return of Ian Svevonious (the Make-up, Nation of Ulysses etc) and it is a welcome one. New album Minimum Rock n Roll due in April.

'Hudson' by Amatorski
Atmospheric taster from the forthcoming album 'From Clay to Figures'. I can't quite decide whether this Belgian duo are dream pop or post rock, but at least you can make your mind up with this clip.

'Love is Above All' by Plastic Flowers
This band are described as a dream pop project from Greece, and for this tune from their just released album Evergreen they are joined by New Yorker Ed Askew, whose laidback vocals suit the mood perfectly.

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