New tracks // first edition, 2014

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So it's a new year and I've new mission to post brand new music. What I mean by this is that it will be new to me - these are all tracks I hadn't heard until the start of 2014 and 3 of the 5 acts are completely new to me. Hopefully this will continue at regular intervals throughout the year.

Girl Band 'Lawman'
This is a brilliant new single from the Dublin based noise band. Such a supremely DIRTY sound. The first thing that hits you are the unhinged bass sounds, and then the increasingly menacing hi-hats. Available as a free download here.

Cull 'World Inside Your Head'
A lovely woozy shoegaze-style tune from this Sydney based band, picking up some attention on this side of the world at the moment. This is the lead track on their new EP (info here)

Talk West 'Willow and the Dogwood'
Beautiful ambient guitar music, country roots drifting off into the ether. Music to get lost in. More info here

Pontiak 'Lack Lustre Rush'
This band of three Virginian brothers have been going since 2006, but I'm only becoming aware of them now. This has a classic garage rock vibe and a subtle yet clever video to go with it.

Pontiak - Lack Lustre Rush from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Scraps 'Projections'
Released on Fire records, Scraps is a Brisbane based lady dabbling with slightly wonky, slightly lo-fi, synth-pop seemingly chasing the time signature around. It's kind of a refreshing approach.

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