Favourite videos of 2013

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Best session performance for a music mag/ blog /website

Julia Holter's cover version of Barbara Lewis's Hello Stranger for Bowlegs

Best interactive video which breathed new life into an old song...

Bob Dylan 'Like a Rolling Stone'

I can't embed this but click here for the whole fully interactive video
The best piece of writing on this is here, I couldn't add anything to that.

Best Most disturbingly brilliant promo video of the year

Still Life (Betamale), Jon Rafman + Oneohtrix Point Never, 2013 from jonrafman on Vimeo.

Best video where a woman rides a bike around Kent and everything looks beautiful

Best footage of Steve Albini being interviewed by a cat

I can't add much to that either!

Best video where Scout Niblett gets dressed up and goes to a fairground

Best video to show real men smoking in the shower, visiting space through a portal and using the line "FOUR MEN OUT OF HELL ON A HORSE" to great effect

Best creepy, unpleasant and maybe even taboo video by a band from Brixton

Best video where a bearded dude tries to play basketball and visits a Turkish barbers

Best blurring of gender stereotypes whilst featuring clunky dancing

Best Wes Anderson style vid where Eleanor Friedberger gets to be mean to her housemate

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