PREVIEW: ATP curated by Deerhunter

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*** a review of this event can be found here ***

The last time I saw Bradford Cox on stage he was playing a rambling and diverse set in London's Scala, the hot and humid atmosphere playing havoc with his jet-lag. He was brilliant though, effortlessly improvising around the tunes we knew from the Atlas Sound releases and getting some inspirational sounds from what looked like a straightforward singer-songwriter set-up.
Now it is the turn of his band Deerhunter to curate one of the final weekend All Tomorrow's Parties - the last one in the summer, if any of you are last minute ticket buyers there is still time and the link is here - and they have pulled together a diverse and interesting bill. There is indie-rock a-plenty, not least with the Breeders revisiting the Last Splash on it's 20th anniversary, modern classical (Steve Reich, William Basinski) and luminaries of alternative music stretching themselves in new ventures. Panda Bear and Avey Tare from Animal Collective appear separately, the latter with his new project Slasher Flicks, as do Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane formerly of Stereolab. Laetitia is solo and Tim has a brand new band called Cavern of Anti-Matter. I could go on but instead I'll point you towards a Spotify playlist which I have made as my homework, or prep, for the event.

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  1. now that the stage times are public I have created a clashfinder for the event