John Peel Archive: three kinds of Saints

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"S" is mostly about the Saints, not just the Aussie punk band, but St.Etienne and St. Johnny as well.

The Saints releases on John's shelves are from their 1977-1981 period and feature what is generally regarded as their best material. Two classic singles are embedded below

I'm Stranded

Know Your Product

St Etienne's Foxbase Alpha is very much in the "every home should have one" category. It was their debut album from 1991 and has stood the test of time very well.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Nothing Can Stop Us

Finally, into much less familiar territory with St Johnny - another one who fit in with the whole early Mercury Rev/ Flaming Lips vibe of 1994. They got signed to DGC at the recommendation of Sonic Youth and although High as A Kite is the record included in the archive Speed is Dreaming
is the only one of theirs I ever heard, so I'm including a tune from that.

A Car or A Boy

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