STREAM: Dinosaur Jr, BEAK>, Dirty Projectors, Twin Shadow

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I spent a lot of the first six months of 2012 listening to new albums. I think I've heard around 115 at the last estimate. Even though the summer is traditionally quiet it seems that new releases are just piling up to be heard. For this reason I've started using a tumblr page to highlight new tracks when they appear, as a way of keeping them together, so feel free to check

In theory this should free up this blog as a place for interviews, reviews and features.

Also, I am old-fashioned enough to believe that you should listen a recording quite a bit before you "review" it, so I would rather post the new release streams and info online without comment. The streams will always by people that I am interested in hearing though.

Not everyone likes to have their material embedded by every blogger on the planet, and a fair few prefer site exclusives. Two of the most highly anticipated releases are online as exclusives.

Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan, via the Guardian

Twin Shadow Confess via Urban Outfitters

Two acts that will allow embeds are Dinosaur Jr., and BEAK>. Dinosaur's album isn't out until September but you can hear a track below

and BEAK> have made clever use of bandcamp by sharing an embeddable player for their second album. I had only just heard Drokk by Geoff Barrow (BEAK/ Portishead) and Bean Salisbury this week, and now this comes along in the same month. Anyway, enjoy...

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