LISTEN: The National have a new song on Game of Thrones soundtrack, and contribute to children's app

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I will be covering this weekend's I'll Be Your Mirror in London for the 405, so there won't be many updates here. One thing I should post about is the latest activity from the National.
First of all they have contributed a new, very downbeat song called 'The Rains of Castlemere' to the soundtrack of season 2 of Game of Thrones. I'll be honest with you, I rarely watch TV and I have no idea what Game of Thrones actually is, but I have embedded the song below.

Whilst that song isn't very typical of the National's recorded output, they have also been working on something even more unusual. A children's iPad/ iPhone app called Dragon's Brush has been created by John Solimine of Spike Press, who has done a lot of artwork for the band in recent years. Now Aaron Dessner from the band has written the music for the story, which is narrated by Matt Berninger himself. Here's a short trailer for it. Matt Berninger reading a children's story; that seems pretty cool to me.

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