Record Store Day 2012

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Now into it's fifth year, international Record Store Day continues its drive to get people back into their local record shops with a string of exclusive releases and in-store events. I'm officially too skint to really indulge myself, and the thought of paying £6.99 for a 7 inch single is very alien to me. Last year I wrote a piece reminiscing about the record shops of my youth in Northern Ireland which ended with a ray of hope for two new shops. The larger of these, Head, has now closed in unfortunate circumstances which I assume you will know about if you read this blog as it is my most read page ever (and it's on the Huffington Post too).

As I said, I'm unlikely to buy anything but that doesn't stop me drooling some of the releases, so I've put together a list of the most attractive ones as a public service to you people (!), including a couple of beauties that seem to be only available in North America.

The Fall
Night Of The Humerons

7" exclusive tracks
QTY: 1000
Label: Cherry Red Records
I've no idea what this is, apart from the "exclusive tracks" comments, which I assume means they will be new songs featuring the current line-up. 1000 copies of this, so I reckon it should hang around a while.


Lonesome Sound/Mosquito

Label: Thrill Jockey
Both tracks previously released although very hard to get. 'Lonesome Sound' was from their very early days (pre-first album) and it's a cover of a Freakwater song, which of course means there's a rare vocal on it. 'Mosquito' is funkier than a lot of people might expect from Tortoise.

Various Artists
Smugglers Way

Domino records fanzine with 5x flexidiscs
Label: Domino
Smuggler’s Way is Domino and Ribbon’s first ever zine featuring FIVE individual, multi-colored Flexi discs of EXCLUSIVE, UNRELEASED songs from Dirty Projectors, Real Estate, Cass McCombs, John Maus and Villagers. The zine comprises 24 pages of original art and prose from Domino and Ribbon artists. Highlights include a short story penned by James Yorkston; a long form poem by Laura Marling; short form pieces by Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Ade Blackburn (Clinic), and Tom Fleming (Wild Beasts); illustrations from Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Andrea Estella (Twin Sister), Conor O’Brien (Villagers) and Jon Hopkins; photography from Jana Hunter (Lower Dens), and an original arranged score of music by Owen Pallett. Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice designed the cover and Rob Carmichael at SEEN is responsible for the art direction and layout.

John Maus track

A Commotion/Black Tongue

Qty 700
Label: Roadrunner

I reckon this is the best, and maybe most unlikely of the split singles where they cover each others songs. Listen below. It is spelt 'tongue' though isn't it?

Francois And The Atlas Mountains/Slow Club
Gold Mountains/Edge Of Town

Label: Domino
Another split 7 where they cover each others songs. Here's Slow Club's cover of 'Edge of Town' from Francois and the Atlas Mountains recent 'E Volo Love' album.

Guided By Voices
Jon The Croc

7" Ltd edition single on white vinyl from forthcoming album 'Class Clown Spots A UFO'
Label: Fire Records
GBV experts, wasn't this on the 'Suitcase' box? Anyway, it's from the forthcoming album and sounds like this

Human Don't Be Angry
Human Don't Be Angry

Label: Chemikal Underground Records
The album is actually out on 23rd April, but they've brought the vinyl forward by a couple of days. It's a lovely package, and I think it's designed by Aidan Moffat. Anyway, this is another chance to plug my HDBA review on the 405 earlier this week.

Deerhoof/Of Montreal
Stygian x Bisection

Qty: 250
Label: Polvinyl Records
I haven't heard it, but it's going to be alright I'm sure. The other Deerhoof 7"s in this series (Bazan, Xiu Xiu, etc) have been worth hearing.


Ryan Adams covers Bob Mould
Heartbreak A Stranger/ Black Sheets of Rain.

limited to 2500 North America only
As a Husker Du fan I'd get this for the sleeve alone, it's lovely!

Perfect Teeth
7" box set
I've a CD of this from 1993 but it's pretty hard to get at the moment I think. This edition sounds like a real treat, a classic album repackaged as 6x7” color vinyl (each 7" is on a different color), 24 page booklet in letter pressed sleeve. Properly collectable I reckon.


  1. Jon the Croc was not on any of the Suitcases, it's a new song. A demo version of the song Class Clown Spots a UFO was on Suitcase 3 but a new version of it was recorded for the forthcoming album of the same name.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, I knew there was something familiar about it!

  3. there's now an official comment on the Fall release from

    "added 10 March; updated 22 April

    The Fall are releasing another Record Store Day 7": "Night of the Humerons." Two tracks, apparently: Victrola Time and a live version of Taking Off. Limited to 1000 vinyl copies, they say.

    UPDATE : a message from MES:

    We were approached by Cherry Red to make a one-off vinyl single for Record Store Day 2012. We believed this event was created to promote vinyl and help record shops survive. What Cherry Red didn't tell us that they were only going to send one copy to each shop and that meant that some customers were mislead.

    I'm just sorry they were inconvenienced.


    Also: "Victrola Time" is the same tune as "Damflicters," in case you were wondering."