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I'm trying to feature some 'new' bands here over the next few weeks, and here is one in its very early stages, The True Vaults.

Originally from Scotland, Tanya Mellotte was part of the Belfast-based group Tunic who released a string of great records in the late 1990s and recorded four Peel sessions. She has also played with Cha Cha Cohen and David Holmes (on 'The Holy Pictures' album). Nowadays she is perhaps better known as a founder of the Belfast club Skibunny and the band of the same name. Skibunny's album 'Hugs' came out on Smalltown America records in 2010 and, after a long tour in support of it, Tanya moved to California to write the next record.

From the True Vaults Facebook page...
After a particularly grueling UK winter tour, Tanya fled to the Californian sunshine to write the next record. “It became clear fairly quickly that this would be a solo album, during the demo stage I realized I knew exactly what sound I wanted and there were a lot of things I needed to get off my chest.”

The album was recorded in Los Angeles in 5 days and features CHRIS BRUCE (producer/guitars), DEANTONI PARKS (drums), JEBIN BRUNI (keys), as well as some very special guest appearances to be announced! The music moves from straight-up indie rock to cinematic desert-style ballads. “There’s definitely a west coast influence in there, and I've met so many amazingly talented players in LA, I'm so grateful to have had such a great band together to record this album."

So far three songs have emerged, all playable from the handy widget below, or on the band's soundcloud page. All three songs bristle with energy and it genuinely sounds like this is the start of something promising. 'Who Is Gonna Save You Now' is a catchy new-wave tune with a big chorus. 'No Goodbyes' will be of particular interest to fans of the Belfast indie scene as it takes its starting point from the Backwater song 'In These Last Days', although it turns into a new song in its own right.
'Desert Skies' is my favourite one at the moment, managing to blend a sweet Teenage Fanclub-esque chorus with a sunny LA/ Laurel Canyon vibe, it kind of underlines where Tanya has come from and where she is headed. Enough of my babbling, listen below, or on soundcloud.

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