New music: Dead Mellotron

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In my head at least, I've designated April as new music month, and I'm going to try and feature a lot of new and largely unheard bands throughout the month. Feel free to hassle me via the twitter and facebook accounts in the right hand column if you want your music to be previewed this month.
First of all here is a link to an interview I did with the Baltimore-based group Dead Mellotron, which is published on the 405 today. Although they are up to their third album, Dead Mellotron are going to make more of an impact with their new album 'Glitter' which will be released by Sonic Cathedral in May, and is already being favourably compared to My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter and Beach House.

Here is their song 'Stranger', which is taken from the aforementioned 'Glitter'.

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