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Against all odds and my own common sense, I have now completed two months of my post-a-day mission. I only ever meant it to happen in January but it kind of ran away with itself, but of course the main reason it kept going is because people keep reading, which is brilliant.
Anyway, I've decided to take my foot of the gas a little bit. I decided not to write a fresh post today and I felt good about it. Having said that, I am pretty sure that there will be a post on most days for the forseeable future as there are tons of things lined up.

For those of you that know me, and know what I do for a living, will also be aware that my workplace is changing in a very major way from mid-March onwards and I suspect that may keep me very busy. So today I'm taking a break from the regular music post treadmill and I'm going to share a video that some of my work colleagues made.
I've worked at the BBC World Service in Bush House in London from 1998-2002, returning in 2007 until it closes its doors this summer. I consider myself to be a very lucky man to have worked in such a brilliant environment for so many years. It is a very sad occasion to have to leave such a lovely building, but two of my colleagues, Owain Rich and Tom Hannen, have made a short film that is just about perfect. I'm going to watch it again. You should too.

Leaving Bush House from Owain Rich on Vimeo.

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