Long awaited My Bloody Valentine remasters due in May

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As a long standing fan of My Bloody Valentine there is only one news story in town today. It has been announced that Sony will be releasing THREE new pieces of MBV product very soon.
Kevin Shields has been remastering the band's classic albums at Metropolis Studios and after years of delay and disappointment regarding the release dates it seems that these actually be with us on May 7th.

***UPDATE: No concrete news about a vinyl release of this, but for a sample of Kevin Shields's thoughts of CD vs. vinyl you should have a read of this interview over at Sonic Cathedral***

ISN'T ANYTHING will be remastered as a single CD with the original running order.
1. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
2. Lose My Breath
3. Cupid Come
4. (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream
5. No More Sorry
6. All I Need
7. Feed Me With Your Kiss
8. Sueisfine
9. Several Girls Galore
10. You Never Should
11. Nothing Much To Lose
12. I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)

LOVELESS will be a 2 CD release with the original running order on both discs.
1. Only Shallow
2. Loomer
3. Touched
4. To here Knows When
5. When You Sleep
6. I Only Said
7. Come In Alone
8. Sometimes
9. Blown A Wish
10. What You Know
11. Soon
CD1 will be "Remastered from original tape" and CD2 will be "Mastered from original ½ inch analogue tapes". I'm hoping for extensive sleevenotes to explain the subtle differences here.

The third release will be called EPs 1988-1991 and will include remastered versions of songs from the groups's superlative run of singles from this period, plus some rarities, and three unreleased tracks!
Full track listing is
CD1 1. You Made Me Realise (from You Made Me Realise EP)
2. Slow (from You Made Me Realise EP)
3. Thorn (from You Made Me Realise EP)
4. Cigarette In Your Bed (from You Made Me Realise EP)
5. Drive It All Over Me (from You Made Me Realise EP)
6. Feed Me With Your Kiss (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
7. I Believe (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
8. Emptiness Inside (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
9. I Need No Trust (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
10. Soon (from Glider EP)
11. Don’t Ask Why (from Glider EP)
12. Off Your Face (from Glider EP)

CD2 1. To Here Knows When (from Tremolo EP)
2. Swallow (from Tremolo EP)
3. Honey Power (from Tremolo EP)
4. Moon Song (from Tremolo EP)
5. Instrumental no. 2 (distributed on a free 7” with the first 5000 Isn’t Anything LPs)
6. Instrumental no.1 (distributed on a free 7” with the first 5000 Isn’t Anything LPs)
7. Glider (full length version) (B side on the Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Mix) 12”)
8. Sugar (promo only B-Side on Only Shallow LP, France only)
9. Angel (previously unreleased)
10. Good For You (previously unreleased)
11. How Do You Do It (previously unreleased)

Apart from the last 6 tracks on CD2 of the EP collection, I have all these songs on the original vinyl, yet I am still stupidly excited about it. It seems like it is finally happening. To get you in the mood, here is one of the rarer songs from its original recording, 'Sugar'.

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