Jeff Mangum ATP: Clashfinder

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There will probably be a lot of posts here about the All Tomorrow's Parties festival this coming weekend. Some kind soul has done a clashfinder for the event already, although happily there doesn't seem to be too many nasty clashes. Although it's not great news that the festival is undersold, this means that the very large Pavilion area will not be used which I imagine a lot of people will be happy about. For the record the worst clash for me is Olivia Tremor Control and the Magic Band but even that isn't a full clash. Also Friday will consist of Jeff Mangum, then Joanna Newsom, then The Fall, then Thurston Moore, then Jon Spencer. Hard to beat really.
I may as well remind you of our Spotify playlist for the event, and our tenuously related mixcloud mix. See you there!

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