In brief: Jeff Mangum ATP day three (and a link to a related podcast)

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A busy, busy day! It started beautifully with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble string quartet who played Gavin Bryars's Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet with Julian Koster on saw. First standing ovation of the day.
After that I missed the chance to go jogging with Alan Sparhawk of Low because I was being a guest on a 90 minute podcast, which has now been uploaded at this link. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but it was recorded in the Pavilion area and you should hear the clacking of the air hockey games in the background.
As for the rest of the day, Boredoms were stunning again. This was perhaps an even more intense performance than the first one. They held a minute's silence at the start as it was the anniversary of the Japanese tsunami disaster, and I wonder if that gave them even more of an emotional edge. Truly amazing and as close to being hallucinatory and a religious experience as music can get.
It was almost impossible to follow this by seeing any other bands, so the likes of Olivia Tremor Control and Versus would have been better enjoyed at their own gigs I'm sure. Magnetic Fields pulled one of the biggest crowds but didn't really click with me either, despite a crowd pleasing set on the new and the old. Jeff Mangum was great again, and although he ticked all my boxes on Friday, he did add a fine cover of Daniel Johnson's True Love Will Find You and revealed that he had wanted Daniel to play the festival.
I'll do what I did on Friday and give you the set list- Oh Comely, The King of Carrot Flowers Pts 2 and 3, Song Against Sex, A Baby for Pree, In The Aeroplane over the Sea, Two Headed Boy pt 2, Holland 1945, True Love Will Find you in the End, Ghost, Little Birds, Engine, Two Headed Boy pt 1, Fool.
My notes are a mess for the later part of Sunday because I was enjoying myself too much, but what you need to know is, the queues returned and not everyone got to see Jeff, Group Doueh played a fine set of psychedelic West African music with a couple of amazing guitar solos, Sebadoh played a cracking set which was maybe the best I've ever seen them and the whole bash came to an end with an extended 'jam' in Reds, featuring over 20 musicians from the Elephant 6 bands, Sun Ra Arkestra and Boredoms.
Yet another amazing ATP.

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