Slow Thrills Friday mix no1: Wintering Out

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Yesterday I uploaded the first of my old fanzine's archives to a new site,, and they will be appearing at the start of every month for most of this year, as a PDF book and a Soundcloud audio stream.
So far this year, Friday has meant Spotify playlist day so, following on from that run, I am introducing our mixcloud into the grand scheme of things. From now on Friday will feature either a playlist OR a guest mix, and to start the ball rolling (and test the systems of course), I have uploaded my own short mix. It is deliberately downbeat and wintry, it is not intended for dancing; a bit like myself a the moment. The mix is embedded below.

The guest mix slot is open to anyone and I have invited a few people so far, but if you feel you can do one please email me at for more details. Music-wise I am very openminded but it will have to fit within the broad musical remit of this blog, so go easy on the funk/metal crossover tunes.

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