Gonjasufi video 'The Blame': Errors and Remember Remember live review

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Some lovely shots in this new video for Gonjasufi's the Blame, directed by Neil Krug with cinematography by David Myrick. I'm a sucker for films of empty cities. Slightly disappointed that my favourite rhyming couplet of the year has been mangled in a 'radio-edit' style but hey, it's a family show (I guess).

In other news, my review of Errors and Remember Remember from XOYO last week, is online now at Londonears new blog. It has some pretty pictures too.

It's not a very wordy post today, but I have a ton of reviews to finish and in order to do them all justice I will upload them together on Saturday. I'm interviewing Geoff Farina tomorrow and going to see Bo Ningen tonight so it's a bit non-stop at the moment.

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