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Slow Thrills weekly Spotify playlist

Slow Thrills list 001

This is going to be a weekly fixture, usually on a Friday. I'm doing today's list but I'll be inviting others to compile lists from now on, hopefully I will only being doing every fourth week in the interests of variety.
There is no set criteria for this playlist, it simply has to be something you want other people to hear. I've chosen some new releases, and just some stuff that was in my head this week. Both Peepholes and Darren Hayman are new releases, Young Magic and Idiot Glee are new to me this week, and I'm probably going to see Lanterns on the Lake and Fuzzy Lights next week. Apologies for starting off with a 10 minute song, but the Bowery Electric tune is the song that the site is named after. I had a bit of trouble deciding on the order, but you can always shuffle it of course - enjoy!
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